Resources and Notes

Our lab uses a combination of computation and experiment to understand biological systems. Here we provide links to code and protocols that we routinely use, some notes from teaching and personal study, as well as several documents on lab policy.

Scientific software:

We develop tools for the analysis of co-evolution across bacterial species.

PySCA, a python implementation of the statistical coupling analysis: [github]

Experimental protocols:

Our lab develops approaches for the large-scale, quantitative measurement of bacterial fitness. We are also interested in techniques for forward evolution.

Measurements of bacterial growth in a plate reader: [pdf]
Operating the turbidostat: [pdf]
Electrocompetent cells: [xlsx]

Teaching and notes:

in progress…

Lab policy:

The Reynolds lab provides a supportive and intellectually rigorous environment for doing science. Below are a few necessary documents on lab policy.

Getting started in the lab: [pdf]
Lab notebooks: [pdf]
Archiving reagents: [pdf]
Authorship: [pdf]
Leaving the lab/closing out: [pdf]